The Boxes

To build each Keepsake Box, Kaki starts with carefully selected hardwoods, both local species like white oak and walnut and exotic global species such as mahogany. The hardwoods are precisely cut and assembled using old-world joinery techniques to make one of four designs, each tuned to an aspect of modern lifestyle:

  • The Valet Box - Equipped with chargers for smartphones and tablets
  • The Control Box - Perfect to stow away the clutter of remote controls
  • The Powder Box - Just right to store bathroom and guestroom essentials
  • The Keepsake Box - The one to store your treasures in

Next, each design is outfitted with a rich selection of American brass hardware, as durable as it is beautiful. After the optional locks and/or charging capabilities are selected and fitted, each box is hand-finished, with options to fit every room in the house.